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Playground Project

Can you imagine the look on our students’ faces when they see a newly built playground at their school, ready to enjoy? We can see the joy on their faces while they play on the water tables, interactive touch panels, musical instruments, and all other sensory friendly equipment. We can see our teachers and parents filled with joy as they see our students reach their physical, social, and academic goals.

Can you picture this? We can, but we need your financial support to make this a reality.

Our students with Autism at the Westmoreland Academy deserve a special playground that caters to their unique sensory and specific social needs; a playground designed to accommodate adult intervention, diverse functionality, and increased safety.

Join us in achieving this goal. For donations, please click here to go to our GoFundMe page or contact our Development Associate Martin Gutierrez at mgutierrez@almansor.org or (213) 607-4342.
We thank you in advance for your support.
Kind Regards,
Edward Amey
Managing Director

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