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Extraordinary students deserve an extraordinary program

Westmoreland’s Diploma Bound Program offers specialized, evidenced-based curriculum and interventions; well-trained, empathetic and passionate staff; and decades of experience with special needs students on the Autism Spectrum.

We accommodate to the individual needs of our students with structured, consistent, and predictable methods that are also highly flexible.
We offer:

  • Assistive technology – Occupational and speech therapy
  • Physical and adapted physical education – Counseling, behavioral, and mental health services
  • Vocational skills tailored to student interests – Door-to-door transportation

On the right path

Using standards-based curriculum in full compliance with the California Department of Education guidelines for State and Common Core Standards, our Diploma Bound Program fosters:

  • Academic rigor – Self-determination and advocacy
  • Self-management – Social-emotional growth
  • College guidance – Social relationships and problem solving
Come see for yourself why our Diploma Bound Program is as exceptional as our students’ abilities and potential.
Reviewed By:
Johns Hopkins School of Education